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  1. Tech 2 Warwickshire

    West Midlands
    Long time no post for me... I picked up a sheddy Saab a few weeks ago that has an intermittent ABS issue at high speed. I assume it is a sensor or ring that is causing the issue, but I need Tech 2 to confirm which wheel(s) is(are) causing the problem without having to guess. Looking for...
  2. I need a tech 2 in Kent or Dartford areas

    Astra H
    I have replaced the speedo clocks. I have entered the security code with china opcom which they have excepted but it wont let me in to the main menu to change the index code. I think tech 2 is needed or help!
  3. Any Tech 2 experts in Essex

    East of England
    My father in law is looking to get the trip computer on his Zafira activated. It's a BID display which says No Function Many thanks Catherine :-)
  4. Does Anyone know if there is a Tech 2 technician around Colchester area?

    Zafira/Zafira Tourer
    My father in law is looking to get the trip computer done on his Zafira. He went to a technician in Romford but he said he couldn't activate the computer as he needed an Index Code?. We got our Astra done years ago with a different technician and an index number was never mentioned. He done...
  5. SXI 1.6 5 Door - Sports Button & Cruise Control Retro Fit

    Astra H
    I have been reading posts on here about retro fitting a sports button and cruise control system on SXI Mk5's. I have a 1.6 5 door SXI, which is belive is compatable for the retro fit systems, after installing the bits and turning the systems on using tech 2. If I buy a new switch panel with the...
  6. Thoughts on the the ebay opcom units ?

    Astra H
    hi im new if this has already been posted please tag me in the thread and delete this ! I have been watching youtube videos on people activating cruise control with the stalk, activating the more in depth trip computer (mpg read out etc) with £20 kits on ebay. are these dangerous ive been told...
  7. Activating the BC

    Astra H
    Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows if it possible for me to activate the BC button on my CD30 MP3. It currently displays "No Function" when pressed. I have an Astra H Life on a 54 plate. The LCD display has 3 lines on it, if that makes any difference. Would like to get it activated so I can see...
  8. Cruise Control Programming

    Hi Guys, this is a second account as the first one which was FB linked kept logging out every time i looked at a different page :@:@:@!! was wondering if anyone in the Sheffield/Rotherham area is able to program the CC for me i have the stalk and from what ive read i should have the clutch...

    ICE & Electrics
    Hi, does anybody do or knows somebody that installs cruise control in Manchester or Stockport? There are 3 vehicles that need cruise control installing: An astra 03 1.7 DTI van (stalk is supplied) An astra 56 1.7 CDTI van (stalk is supplied) And an astra 55 1.7 CDTI hatchback (stalk required)...
  10. VXRO SMD Conversion Weekend 28 & 29 July

    Hey folks, Stampede is back in Scotland on the weekend of the 28 & 29 July offering full SMD and Tech 2 services. This is a VXRO weekend and as usual Scott has kindly opend this up to us here on AON. At the moment there are 3 spaces left for SMD conversions: 16:30 on Saturday 28 July...