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  1. Ignition Switch Replacement

    Astra G
    Recently replaced a burnt out starter motor in my Astravan and heard it's best to replace the ignition switch as well. I've pulled out the original ignition switch but the grey part (in photo) stayed in and I can't figure how to get it out. I've put a...
  2. Anyone know how to open this light switch????

    Astra H
    Hi guys, :wave: does anyone know how to open up the motor bit of this light switch so I am left with just the outer silver casing? i just want to separate the two, I need to make the blank circle into a switch for something so i need to remove the motor first before I do any drilling, encase i...
  3. Fog lights not working

    Astra H
    My Astra H fog lights are not working, I've try ed everything the bulbs work, relays checked, fuses, either its a bad grounding or perhaps can it be a switch? The green light shows to indicate the lights are on but nothing :( Yes I have had all the power on while testing as well even had the car...
  4. fitting fog lights? help?

    ICE & Electrics
    hi all, thinking about fitting fog lights to my astra, i read that i need a new switch and relay? then just cut the holes in the bumper and fit the lights, then wire them up to the fusebox? my question is wtf is a relay, is there already one on the car of do i need to buy one? may be a noobie...
  5. fitting Traction control switch to 2005 mk4 G astra Bertone Z18XE, correct pin ?

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi, I`ve found the instructions for fitting the traction control switch but I have a problem. My car is a 2005 , 05 plate Astra Bertone Coupe with the Z18XE engine, on this car the ABS unit is different to the one shown in instructions. All the pins on the big connector are small pins except for...