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  1. Astra J - Key stuck in ignition [resolved - posting for info]

    Astra J/GTC
    TL;DR at the bottom. I had a scary experience a couple of nights ago. Pulled-up on my drive at about 2330hrs, switched-off the engine, but the key would come out of the ignition (and therefore the electrics were still running). I started the engine again, thinking it was just a weird 'one-off'...
  2. Stuck deadlock

    Astra H
    Wondering if anyone would be able to help with this one. I went out to my mk5 design the other morning and on pressing the key nothing seemed to happen. On checking none of the doors unlock with the fob (but the tailgate does unlock silently). I am able to unlock the drivers door with the key...
  3. VH ECU Update December 2013 on 2.0 CDTi engine leaves revs sticking on changing gear

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi I have a 60 plate ( 2011 registered ) 2.0 CDTi Astra 160Bhp which was running fine until it's 3rd service in December 2013. As part of this service the ECU was updated/remapped by VH. I was told that this was being done to all 2.0 CDTi engines as the original map was causing damage to engine...
  4. CD Player Problems - Removing 2 CD's (thanks to the Mrs)

    Astra H
    Hi, My GF recently decided to put 2 CD's in to my Standard Cd player (MK 5 Astra). Pressed the eject button, and nothing seems to be happening, just a noise where the CD cannot be selected to eject. Any ideas how to remove these? Does the centre console need to be completely removed? Any...