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  1. HELP - 2017 Astra GTC Steering issue

    Astra J/GTC
    2017 Astra GTC - 25,000 miles Tried searching the thread but unable to find anything with similar faults. Over the last couple of days, my steering has started causing a grinding/hissing noise intermittently when turning right. It appears to be coming from the right hand side near the wheel...
  2. M32 Gearbox - Turbo - Steering rack

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Needed for a CDTI 1.9 150. The car is on an 06. I’m from Essex but car is stored in Spalding. So can travel no big deal. VXR gear knob also would be the cherry on top! ?
  3. play in steering column/uj

    Other Marques
    Hi guys, sorry if this is a stupid question, but i usually never touch the steering system on a car... The UJ has a bit of play where is sits over the... bit that sticks up through the floor (feel free to advise me what that is!). I noticed that the black rivety type pin doesnt seem...
  4. Astra H Steering issue - help?

    Astra H
    Hi Guys, hoping someone may be able to offer some advice. I have an 08 astravan sportive SE. Recently i noticed that the steering felt different, it seems to be heavier than I remember but the worst bit is that it seems to go light occasionally which is unnerving as you enter a corner! I took...
  5. mk5 - Change steering wheel help

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can help. I purchased a new steering wheel with radio controls from a mk5 astra however the design is slightly different the cables for the horn/steering controls do not match up. Is it possible to change the connectors on the steering column, you see the whole...
  6. Help please with a double din install MK5

    ICE & Electrics
    Hi folks, I've been reading a good number of posts on the forum over the past few weeks. I managed to purchase a cheap Kenwood DNX5220 double din unit, but I'm having a number of issues with the install. Before I go into this, the following are pictures of what cables I have: Kenwood power...
  7. Help with Connects2 CTSVX002

    ICE & Electrics
    Hey guys, a lot of similar threads on here but nothing that i could find that deals with my problem. So I bought my 55 Astra H which had a pioneer single Din HU. I just replaced this with a Double DIN Sony XAV-64BT. When i was trying install it, i tried fitting the CTSVX002 that i bought at the...
  8. Insignia VXR steering wheel into an Astra J - done.

    Astra J/GTC
    So I've been wanting to fit a VXR steering wheel into my Astra Sri VX-Line for a while. I've seen one Astra VXR wheel for sale but it's £500 - I've seen a few Insignia ones but wasn't really sure if they would fit - everyone seems to describe them as fitting both Insignia & Astra but when you...
  9. Help please....on Cost and advice on replacing steering coloumn

    Astra H
    Hi im looking for some help!! I have a astra h 2005 sxi cdti estate which has developed power steering issues. It started a few weeks ago when the steering would get heavy then be normal. Then last week it felt like it had no power steering at all and is really heavy all the time now. I put it...