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  1. Yorkshire
    Hi anybody in Yorkshire got tech 2 so they could program my cruise control for me? Or anyone able to get hold of stampede for me? Looking to get it done either Friday or Saturday this week ready for my long road trip. Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Scotland
    On the back of some comments/requests from members I'm posting this thread to see if we have enough interest in getting stampede (Adam) up to work his Tech2 and SMD magic on our cars. Having spoken to Adam today, the weekend of the 7 & 8 December has been earmarked, please can you confirm if...
  3. Scotland
    Roll up, roll up, here is your chance to get your SMDs done by the one and only master of the soldering iron himself, stampede. I've been speaking to Adam and have booked us the weekend of Saturday 14th and Sunday the 15th September. Adam has confirmed that he can do a maximum of 5 cars per day...
  4. Scotland
    Hey folks, Stampede is back in Scotland on the weekend of the 28 & 29 July offering full SMD and Tech 2 services. This is a VXRO weekend and as usual Scott has kindly opend this up to us here on AON. At the moment there are 3 spaces left for SMD conversions: 16:30 on Saturday 28 July...
1-4 of 4 Results