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  2. Astra h sport 2010-help pleaseee

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    Vauxhall brought out an astra h 1.4 sport model, which i currently have with 18" wheels, was wondering does this model come factory lowered like sri's and vxr's if so how low? Because i have 18" wheels and theres still atleast a 2 inch gap? Dont no which lowering springs to get!!!

    A.O.N - Club Membership
    Hi guys i have a 2010 astra H 3 door. i have 18'' vxr wheels on it and standard springs (non sri) and was planning to buy the eibach pro kit springs (30mm) was wondering from those who already have this in their astra h's, how is the ride quality is it harsh or is it still smooth and...
  4. Brand New Eibach Sportline for Astra H VXR 1.9

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    Right Here I have for sale are brand new Eibach Sportline springs for Astra H.. The reason iv got a brand new set is I brought full milltek and got these (free) when you spend £980 :| and i already have them on my car :lol: Im looking for around £110 including postage around UK or pick up...