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    I've got a Astra H Sxi 3 door 2006. I recently purchased a XP front splitter, however I can't attach it on. Near the wheel arch there is about 1-2cm gap between the splitter holes and the wheel arch ?? How do I fit this on proprerly. The splitter is genuine and is off a SRI 3dr Astra. Please help
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    Hi, guys, On my astra h ive got the xp kit. but i want the front end to be lower. its already on springs etc, i just want the bumper to be lower. are there any attachments out theire to add a splitter on my splitter?? as silly as it sounds!! ive heard about the seat cupra splitters and know that...
  3. Astra H
    Hey peeps, Just after some opinions, You know the astras without the xp kit get a lovely plastic front splinter lol It comes in a typical plastic grey / black sort of colour. Do you think it would be a good idea to colour code this? Anyone done this? Cheers!! :)