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  1. ICE & Electrics
    Hi :) I want to replace the bobbins standard Vauxhall speakers in my Astra J but all the online how to posts most of the images have since been deleted/old posts. How easy is it to replace all 6 speakers (is it an afternoon job for example) I'm looking at upgrading them to the Focal kit...
  2. ICE & Electrics
    I have an 08 Astra H SXI 1.4 with a CD30 MP3 inside. I'm looking to replace it so I can improve the sound quality. Before I purchase anything, I was just wondering if this is everything I need in order to put a new head unit in. I plan on installing it myself, and I assume it's just plug n...
  3. Astra H
    I always thought the car doors were designed in a way to prevent water drops from getting near into the speaker area when you open the car door since that is electric which can cause the speakers not to work.Today when it was raining quite heavy I noticed that some of speaker grill area had rain...
  4. Astra J/GTC
    Hi I’m looking to change my speakers in front and rear. They have a total depth of 68,5mm (aprox. 2,7in) I’m wondering it would come in conflict with the windows, because these speakers are deeper than the ones I find on ebay.
  5. Astra G
    Hi all I would an astra h 5 door front speaker be a straight swap form my blown front speaker on my 3 door g, also can get a gas bonnet lifter from an h would it be possible to fit on mine? cheers
1-5 of 5 Results