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  1. Astra VXR seats

    Astra - VXR Chat
    I'm new to the VXR scene however I also own and drive an Astra 1.7cdti and the 1.9cdti sri. I've just bought my Astra VXR and although I'm in love with the car the seats are really annoying me as they seem huge with zero headroom. They're as low down as possible but I just can't seem to find a...
  2. Seats heating system

    Astra H
    Hello to everyone. I still have the honour to be the owner of astra H 2007 hatch. I want to retrofit front seats heating system. I do have front central grille and hazard panel with respective heating buttons. I want to fit an aftermarket seat heating syst keetec csh2. It claims to have...
  3. Seats......more boring questions!

    Hi Vansters! Err I am sure that somewhere there will be a Sticky on this & for those of you that have read a thousand posts on Front seat upgrades over the ladt 7 years I apologise!! Basically as many others, I find the standard Sportive SE seats in my van super uncomfortable on long journeys &...