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remap diesel 150bhp tuned

  1. DTUK Eco3 (Green) for Astra H CDTi 150Bhp

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Morning, I'm planning on OX'ing my beloved H soon, so decided I'd sell some parts first. Any questions, please ask and don't be afraid to make a cheeky might get lucky ;) DTUK Eco3 Green Bought from Abyss/DTUK about 2yrs ago and has been on my car for about 30,000. Not a massive...
  2. Astra 1.9 150bhp where to go for a map!

    Diesel Tuning
    Would like to get some ideas where to get a remap not too sure where to go! Current running 175bhp and 435nm Modifications are: Regal FMIC Full milltek Panel Filter Upgrading to hybrid turbo soon Looking to get around 220bhp just not sure where the best place is to go :S Any help would be...