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  1. Corsa D (2012 1.2 petrol) ECU Issue

    Other Vauxhalls
    6 Months ago we changed the coil pack and spark plugs on my wife's Corsa D (2012 1.2 Petrol). A couple of months ago it decided it wouldn't start, i went out to her and we got it going. She drove it perfectly fine for a couple of weeks before it did the same again. Again we got it going but as a...
  2. No wing mirror cover, how safe are the components from rain.

    Astra H
    Happy New year to you all! Last night some little **** thought it would be a fun idea to take the covers to my wing mirrors on my Astra H. What a great start to 2017 eh? I've ordered some new covers but they won't arrive for a few days, and its ****** it down outside. My question is should I...
  3. Powering LED lights... HELP PLEASE!!

    'How To' Section
    I really need to power some LED strobe lights (like the police use) in the boot of my car, except I was hoping to find a power source from somewhere in the boot? Any ideas anyone? Can I tap into a fuse box or something?? Also, how on earth is it best to run a wire from one end of the car to...
  4. Astra H Steering issue - help?

    Astra H
    Hi Guys, hoping someone may be able to offer some advice. I have an 08 astravan sportive SE. Recently i noticed that the steering felt different, it seems to be heavier than I remember but the worst bit is that it seems to go light occasionally which is unnerving as you enter a corner! I took...
  5. Should I Terraclean my car?

    Astra H
    Should I terraclean my Vauxhall Astra h 2010?:wave: its has 45000 miles on the clock regularly serviced and well looked after (engine and body wise) , thought this may give the ride a more smoother feel and maybe be more responsive...cant go wrong for 80 quid? or is it a waste of £££££?? whats...
  6. Twintop power fold mirrors fitted

    Astra H
    Just fitted power folding mirrors to my twintop. Not a big job but really pleased with them. Auto unfolded when I started the engine but only once. Should this happen on each startup?
  7. Whats this black cup @ back of engine bay?

    Astra H
    Sound stupid here, but I have a oil leak from one of the cir-clips attached to this black cup/filter/pot to the left hand side of the EGR about a couple of inchs downwards. What is it? And why is it leaking under pressure? Another quick on... Just had my Swirls done Egr cleaned and PSensor...
  8. Chip Performanc​e Power Box Astra 1.3 CDTI

    N/A Tuning
    Hi I am brand new to Astra's and to this forum. I have an Vauxhall 1.3 CDTI 2008 its a 5 door one, so i was just looking and reading some random stuff and came across with Chip Performance e Power Box Astra 1.3 CDTI just wanted to ask does any one have it? Is it any good and could it damage...
  9. Astra G Covertible Problems

    Astra G
    I have a astra covertible 2003. Im having problems with the soft top, rear heated window, boot central locking. They do not work in the car but when you disconnect the battery and put the battery back on. They all work fine until you switch the car off and lock it for a few minutes. Then it goes...
  10. 1.9 CDTI Power Loss (Turbo Failure)

    Astra H
    Hi, was driving my 1.9 CDTI Sport Hatch when the car suddenly lost all its power. I mean I can put my foot all the way down and the car just creeps along. Think it is the turbo as I am getting really quite bad police siren noises - kept looking in my mirror a few times for a police car! Thing...