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  1. Wanted 1 x penta 18”

    Astra H
    Struggling to find a single penta alloy with or without tyre forsale in Birmingham. New to the forums so any help or direction appreciated. Tia scotty ??
  2. 18" Penta Alloys on Nankang's for sale

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Hi All, Unfortunately for me, my pride and joy has been wrote off by a woman pulling out on me at a junction. Sad face :( Does however mean, one of you lucky devils can have some very good condition 18" inch Penta alloys off me :D Complete with Nankang 225/40/18 summer tyres. Looking for...
  3. Astra SRI+ with full heated leather

    Cars For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Here I am selling my beloved Astra SRI+ 1.8 (55 plate) with full heated leather interior. It is very good condition with the few tiny marks you would expecty from a car this age. It is taxed until January 2013, and has 4 months MOT. Fitted with 18" penta alloys which are mint, no curbing and...