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  1. Astra H
    Hi! 👋 Not really a newbie. Forgot log in details and couldn’t retrieve as changed emails Anyway.... My Astra VXR 58 Plate has issues 😕 All was fine. Driving perfectly. Then I developed issue with the car not turning off, bleeping alarm and taking 4 plus attempts to turn off. Gathered...
  2. Astra H
    hello just had car mot'd and passed with advisories on break disks. couple days later steering gone stiff with some clunking when turning left to right quickly while driving. Noticed that the driver side strut mount was moving when i turned the wheel so we assumed maybe spring broke up top...
  3. Astra H
    So here's the history: Last month went to the car.... dead. Called RAC who confirmed was dead - they replaced it..... Engine started but NO power steering.... Vauxhall dealer quoted £900 for new alternator ... as this WAS the cause. Took it elsewhere alternator changed - still n power steering...
1-3 of 3 Results