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  1. Astra 1.9 SRI CDTI 07 - New Owner Used Car

    Astra H
    Firstly hello everyone, I have been reading various posts via Google and just wanted to thank everyone who posts help. Some has been great information. Ok, I purchased an Astra SRI 1.9 CDTI 07 Plate on Friday night. I took a friend who knew a wee bit more than me about cars. All was well with...
  2. Opcom near wolverhampton

    West Midlands
    Has anyone that has got an opcom that lives to wolverhampton which they could connect to my car? Having p2279 fault code problems and checked and changed all the relevant stuff so hoping opcom could shed some light on the situation?
  3. P2279 wont go away!!

    Astra H
    Thanks everyone it's sorted!
  4. The dreaded P2279 Fault Code

    Astra H
    H Guys, I've recently got the P2279 Intake Air System Leak fault code on my 1.9CDTI 150 Astra. I've searched the forums and various other sites and come across the below steps to take in resolving this problem: Clean EGR and Manifold + Confirm EGR is working with 12V (confirmed) Confirm...
  5. fault code P2279 but not egr

    Astra H
    hi all sorry if this is duplicated but i have found similar posts but nothing that answers my problem! i bought my astra hatchback sri cdti 150bhp a month ago, its still under warranty but got a little issue that has got both vauxhall, and the garage I bought it from quite stumped! every now...