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  1. Need help badly! 04 1.7 CDTI bought it a week ago won't start, P0002!

    Astra H
    Basically I purchased an 04 1.7cdti Vauxhall Astra SXI over a week ago and after 5 days it went into limp mode and wouldn't start, after a little look at everything its pointing out to be a fuel problem... great! The car has actually been taken care of before me but I must of been stung, it has...
  2. Engine management light error codes on Astra 54 Plate 1.7 CDTI SCARED!!!

    Astra Chat
    I'm new to AON so excuse me if I am in the wrong place. So I was driving a while back and the Astra was not giving me the speed i should be getting. Turbo wasn't kicking in how it should be then I got the engine management light on my Astra 1.7 cdti 54 plate a few days ago. So i thought it...