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  1. Astra J/GTC
    Hi Guys, My 2012 Astra SE 1.4T has been showing this warning after driving for more than about 15 mins for the last few weeks, but whenever I revved the engine over 1k the warning would disappear. I initially shrugged this off as a faulty sensor but booked it in for a service anyway. The car...
  2. Astra H
    Bought an 05 Astra 53k on the clock 3 weeks ago. Needed a service as last one was done in 2010 so booked in sharpish with Kwik Fit for FS. So, had the spark plugs changed, air filter, oil filter, and fully synthetic oil 5w-30. Drove away feeling pretty pleased with myself, stopped at...
1-2 of 2 Results