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  1. levi47

    New Member Introductions
    hi im new to any forum not one for putting up posts but i love my car they just look *&^&*** great the best looking car for the money just wanted to say its nice to see so may twintops on uk roads :thumbs: ;)
  2. Cone air filter Astra H 1.7 CDTI 100 56plate

    Astra H
    First time owning an Astra, I was reluctant to buy one at first but i'm glad i was wrong. It's an amazing drive i absolutely love it! So as the title slightly suggests i want to change the panel filter to a cone, something else instead of a panel. i've looked at pipercross, K&N and ramair...
  3. Hello everyone!

    New Member Introductions
    First things first, My name is Ted i'm 26 and absolutely in love with my Astra mk V 1.7 cdti 100 sxi 56 plate. I'm doing little bits and bobs to it as i go along, its very well maintained. the bits and bobs are mainly visual but I'm looking into adding aftermarket performance parts. Now, i...
  4. New owner, please help

    Astra H
    Hi there, Right, so I am completely new to being a car owner. My ex was always in charge of the cars and he was a mechanic so all issues were sorted before they even became issues. I picked up a few things from him but its still daunting AF. Bit of background...I bought a 58 plate Astra 1.4 SXI...
  5. New member from West Mids, lot of questions

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys and gals, Lil bit about me, I'm 31, single mum to a surprisingly well behaved teenage boy. Live in the beautiful Malvern Hills. Had my license for 4 years, 1st car was a 2003 Punto (until I wrote it off in style) 2nd car was a 2009 Type R. I was heart broke when that went...actually...
  6. Hello from Essex

    New Member Introductions
    Hi im JJ, not new to the Vaux scene, however gone from petrol VXR all the bells and whistles to a Astra J 2010 1.7cdti Ecoflex Exclusive, as a second vehicle. First impressions are, drivers seat sinks to far at the back, steering wheel on its highest setting still cant see top of speedo or rev...
  7. Hello! New Member from Caterham

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, Just wanted to say a hello to you all and a quick bit of info about me. I've had my Astra J for almost a year now and have recently begun adding the little touches to it to 'make it mine', for those interested it is an Elite model 2.0CDTI 165ps in Carbon Flash! As part of my search for...
  8. Calipers ... What to do?

    Astra J/GTC
    Ok, extreme newbie but always willing to have a go at anything... So after having my car for 3 weeks it's time to maybe personalise it a little, so thought maybe to start with the calipers. My first thought was to paint them, is this simple enough for me to do? Could I over paint and break...
  9. Newbie from Bedford - '08 1.6 sxi

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys Been browsing this forum for a while for ideas but never got around to joining, thought it was about time I did! So this is pretty much my first own car (had a 55 plate design for 2 weeks but it was a nightmare so had to go sharpish). Got it beginning of April at a reasonable price...
  10. Hi guys,

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, Been hiding in the shadows on this forum for long enough... By far one of the best collection of guides, troubleshoots and general information forums about Astras on the net. Hopefully I can be a part of the community here, Currently I own a Sapphire Black Astra H 1.6 SXI, blacked...
  11. First Ever Forum! Lots of questions!

    New Member Introductions
    Basically i've never posted in a forum in my entire life! I have a 1.4 Astra Sport Hatch in red. It's my first year of driving so thinking about insurance yadda yadda! I want it lowering, wheels powder coating black and windows tinting, my budget is tight so it needs to be done properly to...
  12. Re-Posted Stanced Mk5 1.9cdti 150

    3 Door
    Iv re-posted this as the last one was lost due to the pictures not coming up lol but iv sorted it... It's my latest project and iv done all the work myself since I bought it standard just before Xmas, smoothed front grill debadged rear boot plate and colour coded colour coded fogs jap style rear...
  13. Newbie PVS

    PVS 2013
    I have read the other newbie thread but didn't answer what I want. I see the tickets are like £17 but there's no price on the stand pass? if i wanted 2 tickets and a stand pass how much would I need to pay? U guys have done a good job selling it to me lol. I may have to come on my own and...
  14. New here - has anyone else had similar issues with their Astra ?

    Astra Chat
    Hi All, I've recently bought my 07 Astra 1.9 CDTi SRi which I absolutly love but not doing so well on the issues front so far..... Have already had the Alternator go on me, the Glow Plugs have been replaced and due to a whining from 5th and 6th gear the garage are replacing the gearbox on Mon...
  15. Newbie me Mr_Tee!

    New Member Introductions
    Afternoon all, I have just become the proud owner of an lightning silver Astra H SRI 1.9 CDTI 150PS with Exterior Pack and whilst looking for information came accross this forum (actually answered the question about the ABS self check clunk at 15mph which I was worried about!). Currently...
  16. Another new guy! 2.0 GTC

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, Just signed up as I seem to find myself on this forum all the time looking for peoples experiences/mods! Just thought I would say hi and make myself known. I have a 2.0 GTC so hope to let you know how things go as they still seem to be relatively scarce! I've just ordered Polarg M13's...