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  1. Astra H
    I currently have a 1.4 sxi astra H and looking to upgrade to a 1.6 turbo astra H but finding it hard to get a good insurance price (vxr is cheaper) can anyone help me out on what to do i.e. wait another year insurance companies to look at etc, im only 19.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello my name is Joe and i only yesterday purchased my second car a 1.8 Astra Sri xp and plan on changing a few things so any suggestions on basic mods that i can do with the car that are not overly expensive, also if anyone knows of any decent alloys that go with black astra SRI's that would...
  3. 3 Door
    Hello I'm new here bought this about a week ago and will be doing some mods like getting alloys painted and brake callipers, Led headlights
  4. North West
    I recently posted a thread about my swirl flap's and got some brilliant information and help. But I am still slightly i need of some help as I am tight for cash at the moment... Ill describe in as much detail as I can with the info I know and see if you can help.. So from what I know the...
  5. Astra H
    iv been on the forums for a few weeks now so i thought id upload a picture of my old car and my new car. old car. Honda Civic FN2 type r gt. i really do miss this car! felt like crying when it had to go, but under 30mpg was killing me on my commute! and now for the new car. needed a diesel...