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  1. Astra J menu options

    Astra J/GTC
    I’ve just bought a 2010 MK6 Astra (J) 1.3 CDTI Exclusive. There’s not much in the way of menu options on the trip computer, just speed and miles etc, I’ve heard it’s possible to ‘unlock’ MPG, engine temp etc as the options are there they’re just hidden/inactive. Any ideas how I can turn these on?
  2. A16LET knocking lately with EDS phase 1

    Turbo Tuning
    Hi, I have an Astra J Sports tourer with the A16LET, 6 speed automatic. I've got the EDS phase 1 map (210ps) since January 2015 (7 months). I've always used 98 octane fuels. I've been enjoying the extra performance of the map with the pipercross panel filter. Lately (June), I felt some...
  3. Urgent help with 64/2015 astra limited edition

    West Midlands
    Morning All, Just joined this morning after picking up my Astra Mk6 Last Week. (Crashed my Mk5 1.4SXI with full SRI EX Pack On) Can i get trip computer activated on this - does my head in not seeing MPG/Range and stuff on the dash, seen mixed reviews. Its a 1.6VVT Limited edition. Its the...
  4. Some J/GTC bits for sale!

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    These are all used parts off my 2012 Astra J GTC 1.4T SRI: Unless otherwise specified, these can be collected for free from near J25 of the M25, posted/courier (price will vary by item size/weight), delivered by myself (at an agreed price varying by distance to cover my petrol) or collected for...
  5. Newbie from Aberystwyth Area. (Astra j 2.0 CDTi 165bhp)

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys I'm new here. My names Shaun. I'm an IT Techie by day (any computer related questions I'm happy to answer. Get me on skype @ Shnev0o0) I like trying to help others with cars and love playing with mine to make it look nicer. The Astra J isn't my first I also had the MK4 1.6 SXI. I...
  6. Astra J wiring diagram

    ICE & Electrics
    I have just bought myself a sat nav that comes with a wireless reversing camera it needs to be installed just above the number plate(on the bumper) but wired in to the reversing Light (which is on the tail gate) so it comes on when the car is in reverse, how would i go about wiring that in...
  7. Racechip Pro - Astra J 1.6 Turbo

    Astra J/GTC
    Anyone else got one of these for their J? I bought one a couple of weeks ago and I've been playing about with the performance settings inside the chip. I've got to say, once the chip was set-up properly, I was impressed by the extra power. The chips default settings however, kept putting my...
  8. ASTRA J Numberplate LEDS.. newbie needs help! lol

    Performance Tuning & Modifying
    Hi everybody, I am new to this modding and need lots of help lol, i own a astra 1.4turbo elite. Black. I am looking to mod my vehicle one thing at a time, starting with the smaller things ofcourse. I need help with BRIGHT! leds for my numberplate, i have bought 2 sets already and they are not...
  9. Quick Heat on Astra J

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi there, new to this forum, I wanted to know what this quick heat feature on the Astra MK6 is? I have had a brief look online but not come up with much. someone on this forum must know what this feature is?