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  1. Backboxes and Exhausts for my Astra

    Astra H
    Afternoon, I've got a 1.6l Astra Design Hatchback Mk5 and want to look at making it a little more sporty and rumbly without going mad, too loud and illegal. I'd like to get a backbox or exhaust system that will achieve this without failing the MOT on emissions, sounding too loud or something...
  2. Astra 1.6 Design 2006 ECU Issues

    Astra H
    Hi all, Apologies if this thread already exists but I am having issues searching the forum for specific threads (!). Last week my 1.6 2006 Astra Design cut out suddenly and now does not start (engine turns / clicks when turning ignition but will not start). It is the first time it has cut...
  3. Astra MK5 rear window washer problem

    Astra H
    Hello everybody; I'm new in here and I hope you can help me. I've been driving Astra MK5 for almost 3 years now. About a year ago, one day rear window washer stopped working. I can hear the pump was working but nothing was coming from the jet. It was during service and MOT time so I asked...
  4. z16xep loud noise after 3.5 k revs in all gears

    Astra H
    have an issue with my z16xep been to vauxhall 2 different dealers and neither have a clue and 3 little garages paid to have all seals replaced only one thats not been done is the middle one in the intake manifold /had head-gasket done and the the head valves all reseated car runs spot on and no...
  5. new astra H

    Astra H
    Hi guys. just made this account now. just bought first astra H auto. 53 mileage on the clock. got the car very cheap for 800£. its 1.8 vvt 58 plate. interior is black rather than old shape silver? steering wheel and the panels on it black too. tailgate dented changed it. front bumper lots of...
  6. Engine Swap Mk5 1.6 to a 2.0vxr engine

    Performance Tuning & Modifying
    Hi all I was wondering if anyone has ever done an engine swap from a 1.6 (Z16XER) to a 2.0 vxr engine (Z20LEH)? Or put a vxr engine in any mk5 Astra? Im interested in exactly what is needed to do the swap, obviously engine, gearbox, brakes, Ecu, exhaust etc. But what else (wiring etc) and how...
  7. EML on and car misfiring as well as lack of power

    Astra H
    There is 2 questions, My car started running rough when I was setting off to work and as I change gear, there was a delay in power and car misfiring when the car was idling. I could also feel vibrations from just having my foot on the brake pedal. The error code was 30301 from pedal test. 1)...
  8. Best Exhaust For a 1.6?

    Astra H
    Have an Astra 1.6 sitting here the way i want it only thing I need is a nice sounding exhaust to go with it so if anyone has any recommendations they'd be appreciated Don't want something too loud just something that has a nice rumble to it
  9. Hi from Derby :)

    New Member Introductions
    Hiya, I'm looking to buy a car within the next 2 weeks and have owned a mk3 astra & mk4 astra so thought my next car could be a mk5 :) I need to have plenty of space so unfortunately have to rule out the hatch so it'll need to be an estate, pref a diesel. Is there anything I should look for...
  10. Astra Engine number

    Astra H
    Hey Everyone, My Astra needs a clutch and I have 2 options depending on the engine number. How do I know if my engine is 20KC2905 or 20KC2904 Registation number Y60 RDO (formerly SA54 UAZ) Astra MK V (Sept 04) Thanks
  11. mk 5 astra wheel fitment

    Astra H
    Hi guys i was wondering if any one had any pictures of 18'' 8'' et45 alloys fitted or if any one can tell me how much more thy will sit in than standard 18'' pentas. any help is much appreciated as i am a noob when it comes to alloy wheel fitment. thank you in advanced.
  12. Double DIN stereo fitting

    Astra H
    Hello Guys, Was really hoping someone within the forum could help me. I have purchased a Kenwood 405BT DPX double din head unit, which has come with no cables (was bought second hand). My question to you guys is, can you please tell me all the cables I will need in order to use this head...
  13. Loss of Power - 1.3CDTI

    Hi Another question, Having an issue with my mk5 Astra its 1.3CDTI and goes really well however has an intermittent fault where I lose power, Seems to be the turbo the service light flashes on then off, the only way to get power back is to turn the ignition off/on. From what I've read it could...
  14. mk5 - Change steering wheel help

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can help. I purchased a new steering wheel with radio controls from a mk5 astra however the design is slightly different the cables for the horn/steering controls do not match up. Is it possible to change the connectors on the steering column, you see the whole...
  15. 18" Penta Alloys on Nankang's for sale

    Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Hi All, Unfortunately for me, my pride and joy has been wrote off by a woman pulling out on me at a junction. Sad face :( Does however mean, one of you lucky devils can have some very good condition 18" inch Penta alloys off me :D Complete with Nankang 225/40/18 summer tyres. Looking for...
  16. What is this wire sticking out inside the bonnet area?

    Astra H
    I was topping up fluid inside the car when I came across a wire or cable hanging out from no where. What does this wire connect or does to the car?
  17. please help!!! Massive oil leak!

    Astra H
    Oil is almost pouring out of the bottom of the engine! Pulled up and within a few minutes a huge puddle had appeared under my car, i've tried to take some pictures from underneath the car, any ideas?
  18. 54 plate astra easytronic wont start after 3 months

    Astra H
    I was curious if a cars been sat 3 months, original key lost, then found spare key for the same car and replace flat battery can this be re-programmed by myself or does it need taking to a dealer as only unlocks and locks not start. I asking for someone as no idea whats involved. Thanks for...
  19. Hi from Chesterfield! Also need a bit of help...

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! Well where to begin.... My name is Gav and i'm from Chesterfield, north Derbyshire (near Sheffield!) and i have recently become a member of the Astra Club! I have a Astra H 3dr 1.6 Design in Star Silver, bought about seven weeks ago... and then crashed two weeks ago, a...
  20. My Mk5 Astra progress

    3 Door
    Hi All, Not overly sure how many mods I will be doing to my Astra, as it is a 1.4 sxi, and I'll likely want a bigger engine next year :p Thought I would make a progress thread regardless, to show any changes I make to the car. Below pictures are what the car looked like when I bought it...