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  1. Astra J/GTC
    Probably been pushing it for too long, but 2017 1.4t gtc has developed a whine, starting July last year at around 30k. Increasly getting louder. 41k now. Reading that the gearbox is the notorious M32 and is common issue. Generally the whine starts above 20mph and get louder with speed, no...
  2. Astra H
    Hey all, Unfortunately the m32 gearbox on my Astra 1.9cdti 150 has gone and I’m looking for a new one. Someone near me has a gearbox off a Vectra 1.9cdti 120bhp model and is telling me that this gearbox will also fit my 150bhp model. Is this correct? I’ve heard from some people it’s a direct...
  3. Astra - VXR Chat
    Hi i am upgrading my M32 box with the bigger bearings and housing from the 2012 VRX. I need information availavle in the workshop manual to check the bearing clearances for the shims. Can anyone help me with this information. Does anyone have access to the workshop manual? Many thanks
  4. Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Needed for a CDTI 1.9 150. The car is on an 06. I’m from Essex but car is stored in Spalding. So can travel no big deal. VXR gear knob also would be the cherry on top! ?
  5. Astra H
    Hi guys I own a '07 Astra H 1.9cdti z19dt. Considering I want a remap, I would like to know the following: -what's the standard pressure for my turbo, and what the max safe pressure ? -if i swap my intercooler with one from a z19dth engine would that be helpful? -can i fit a stronger gearbox...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me with some guidance or advice. I've got a 2012 astra which needs a new gearbox; this would be the fourth gearbox since I bought the car in 2013 with 3k on the clock. First gearbox failed at 10k, second was replaced within three months as it...
  7. Astra J/GTC
    Hello from Russia again. As you know (or not) GM left us, but we still love Astra :). By the way, our small local astra owners club asked to say hello to you. Now seriously. I have my stock flywheel damaged after 40 000 km (sad but true). Here is a video So i'm thinking about changing my...
  8. Astra J/GTC
    Hi everyone My 2010 Astra 1.6 turbo is showing signs of the dreaded bearing failure. About 1cm of movement in 1st and 5th, and whining/whirring in 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th when hot. I did a 200 mile trip yesterday and it sounded quite awful by the end of it. 35k miles, I'm rather cheesed off...
  9. Astra J/GTC
    Hi everyone, We all know the problems with the M32 gearbox but I wanted to try and reduce lever travel. Has anyone fitted a short shifter to an Astra J or GTC with this gearbox? if so was it an easy task as I'm toying with the idea of fitting one to my MY14 GTC 1.6 Turbo. Thank you.
  10. Astra H
    Hi all, hopefully I have got the right forum for this, was thinking Classifieds area....? I have the dreaded gearstick movement in 1st, & 5th. Whines in 2nd, 5th and 6th. I've come to the conclusion that the mains shaft bearing has had it. The car is almost coming up to 121,000 miles. its a...
  11. Astra H
    Hi all, My SRI 150 is suffering from the dreaded M32 gearbox issues (jumping gear lever, whining in 6th). Surprised to find out it's such a common fault. Anyway I'm stuck with it and need to get it sorted. Has anyone had the bearing (and any bonus damage) sorted in the Chippenham area (just off...
  12. Vans
    My Vauxhall Astravan 1.9 SE.I Have a Very bad sounding 1st gear and no 6th gear what so ever! 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th all ok. I'm getting the gearbox rebuilt, new clutch, new flywheel, new timing belt and new breaks done for £2600. The bad new was it happened the day before i went on holiday so i...
1-12 of 12 Results