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  1. Astra H
    Can anyone tell me what this spoiler is? Think it might be irmscher but not sure, thanks :)
  2. Astra H
    Hey guys, I'm completely new to the Network and this is my first post/thread. Basically, I lowered my car the other day but I'm not completely satisfied with how its looking. My Astra: 17inch wheels (All I know), Lowered 60mm all round. Im looking to get a lower ground clearance and better...
  3. Astra H
    I was exiting from this give way at the speed of 3-7 mph. I think the road maximum speed was between 5-10mph The car hasn't been lowered and with standard set up, it somehow managed to touch the black moulding strip on the bumper when stopped on the give way line. The car does seem low but I...
  4. A.O.N - Club Membership
    Hi guys i have a 2010 astra H 3 door. i have 18'' vxr wheels on it and standard springs (non sri) and was planning to buy the eibach pro kit springs (30mm) was wondering from those who already have this in their astra h's, how is the ride quality is it harsh or is it still smooth and...
  5. 3 Door
    Well I thought I'd do a progress thread as iv not actually done one.. Just random photo's now and again :) as you may already know my names Dan and yes my number plate says RETARD and yes a bought it and the real reason I bought it was because I couldn't afford Dan :( It all started of as...
  6. Astra G
    Hi guys and girls I'd like a little advice ive searched and can't seem find any solutions. My car is lowered but 1 side of the rear sits lower than the other. i've parked it on flat areas to make sure its nt just a hill. ive done it with hand break off ive made sure the rear springs are seated...
  7. 3 Door
    My Astra 1.9 SRI XP Following Modifications - Regal FMIC - VXR Rear Bumper - Full Milltek with Sports Cat - Eibach Springs - K&N panel filter - Remap Whats next - 18" BBS LM Reps, Front 8J Rear 9J (Orded coming tuesday:D) - Coilovers - Hybrid turbo - Another map as the ones thats on is s***
1-7 of 7 Results