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  1. Whats this black cup @ back of engine bay?

    Astra H
    Sound stupid here, but I have a oil leak from one of the cir-clips attached to this black cup/filter/pot to the left hand side of the EGR about a couple of inchs downwards. What is it? And why is it leaking under pressure? Another quick on... Just had my Swirls done Egr cleaned and PSensor...
  2. 1.9 CDTI Power Loss (Turbo Failure)

    Astra H
    Hi, was driving my 1.9 CDTI Sport Hatch when the car suddenly lost all its power. I mean I can put my foot all the way down and the car just creeps along. Think it is the turbo as I am getting really quite bad police siren noises - kept looking in my mirror a few times for a police car! Thing...