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led conversion
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  1. Astra J/GTC
    Hey fellow Astra owners! This is my first post. I've had a good look around the net and various different posts about putting LED's in my DRL's (Daytime running lights), however i cannot find a 100% answer. I have LED's currently giving me the infamous dash errors. I REALLY love LED lights...
  2. Vans
    Does anyone know what type of LEDs are used to do a dash colour change on an astra H?? and wheres the beat place to get em thanks
  3. Astra G
    I'm really terrible at electronics and would be very grateful to find someone who does these for a reasonable price. Thanks. Astra Elegance 2002.
  4. ICE & Electrics
    I have gotten my hands on a DVD90 and want change the LED's but i can't get the select knob (the big one) of, I have tried to pull it off, like the CD30 without any luck. Is it possible? Or is there a nifty little trick?
1-4 of 4 Results