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lambda sensor

  1. O2 Sensor Warning on 1.6i SXI Astra G - Fault Code : P0130

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi Everyone, I've got an issue with my Astra About 3 weeks ago I had part of my exhaust replaced (The bit which has the braided flexi pipe), the garage pre-warned me they might not be able to get the Lambda sensor out however they managed to do it. A week later I was driving at 50mph and my...
  2. Earth mod, could it fix my z20let problems?

    Astra G
    Hi all basically my astra coupe turbo is kicking up codes for map sensor and lambda sensor. I have replaced both but no luck :confused: was wondering if anyone had similar problems and the earth mod fixed them? im on a 51 plate too if this means anything.