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  1. Astra H locking won't work

    Astra H
    Hi all, My Astra H 2009 plate was locking and unlocking intermittently when using the key fob... I've replaced the battery and done the paper trick but now it's completely refusing to lock or unlock... I have tried to reprogram it by putting it in the ignition and holding the lock and...
  2. Ignition block or key fob? help appreciated

    Astra Chat
    I have a 56 reg Astra SXI (105) and am having a few problems when trying to lock it. Last night when I turned off the engine, the radio stayed on.. I turned that off and opened the driver door only to have the door open alarm start binging (the one that sounds if you leave the lights etc. on...
  3. Key fob buttons don't work until car is started (engine turned over)

    Astra H
    I would appreciate any help with this... has me puzzled... The buttons on the key fob won't work until the car is started (engine turned over). To unlock the car, the key is needed to be used in the driver door; this unlocks all the doors. If the doors are needed to be locked again; to use the...
  4. 54 plate astra easytronic wont start after 3 months

    Astra H
    I was curious if a cars been sat 3 months, original key lost, then found spare key for the same car and replace flat battery can this be re-programmed by myself or does it need taking to a dealer as only unlocks and locks not start. I asking for someone as no idea whats involved. Thanks for...
  5. [HELP] Central Lock Not Working After Speaker Upgrade

    Astra J/GTC
    So last weekend I had rear speakers installed in my 2010 2.0 cdti (cd300 with only front speakers), and then my central lock stopped working (I don't know if it stopped working immediately because I usually walk away while I lock the car). I can't say for sure this is related. The symptoms...
  6. mechanical fault on flip key fob, will it be covered under warranty?

    Astra J/GTC
    as the title suggests, my key fob has gone a bit funny today, the mechanism which locks and unlocks the blade is not functioning correctly, ie it is stuck in its place and the spring doesn't seem to be working fine. There are no problems with the locking, unlocking and starting the car. would...