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  1. Astra G
    Hi, so I changed my alternator on my Astra G 1.7CDTI 94000 miles this week and after 2 days my power steering will not start immediately when I turn on my car. Normally it was starting immediately but for some reason now it is taking like 10 seconds to start. Any ideas what should be fixed?
  2. Diesel Tuning
    Hey all, I wanted to change this part; whipped off the air intake bits and EGR solenoid control valve, then went for the pressure sensor (I have done this once before) when I removed it this time though, I noticed that the orange rubber boot/gaiter was still stuck in the hole; had a go to peel...
  3. Astra G
    Hi power steering help please. 1.7 astra eco4 isuzu '03. Battery died, fitted another and the power steering was not working, alt light on, restarted engine all seems fine. However I've noticed that as soon as you turn ignition on the power steering pump starts. no adverse effects but I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results