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  1. Rear ended Cat N write off - use other parties insurance or mine ?

    Astra H
    I've never had another parties insurance (in this case Direct Line) offer to repair the damage before so, would like to understand the pros and cons. They offered me £150 plus a courtesy car to have the repair done by them. My car was previously written off (Cat N) last July off after a deer...
  2. How much does insurance rise for a Cat N write off & repurchase ?

    Astra H
    I've tried Comparethemarket but there's nowhere to enter it. Perhaps they get the details automatically from the reg, but it hasn't been officially written off yet. Bumper (repairable) and headlamp damage. I normally pay ~£200 (9 years NCD)
  3. New to the Scene, also best insurance providers?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, This is my first post on AON, i'm from Leeds, Yorkshire. I was hoping to get some advice on Insurance providers as it's tricky to get any decent quotes at 18 :( I'm going to be buying a Astra VXR (probably 09 or 10 plate) in about 9 days, i've done the usual for the quotes, compare the...
  4. Insurance ( Yes your all sick of it ;) )

    Hi Guys Having a bit of trouble with some insurance, id just like to know if anybody has ever had a van and then tried to insure a car and use the vans no claims bonus? its proving to be difficult but then i have looked on the internet and some people have said just say you have the no claims...