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inlet manifold

  1. 2007 Astra 1.7CDTI DTH Powerloss / Service light on -P1110 code

    Astra H
    Hi, just new here... Looking for a bit of info on the sequence of the vac solenoids at rear of engine.... Basically car starts fine, However once you go over 2k rpm service light comes on and wont go above 3k rpm...limp mode. I ran basic diagnostic on it and get P1110-04/p (intake manifold...
  2. Swirl flap nightmare

    Astra H
    Basically my 1.9 was shooting white smoke out of exhaust when I start car noticed my mpg wasn't the best so thought best check the swirl flap to find out it had come of and was laying on top of the inlet... After more looking a noticed that I could move them starting from left to right number...
  3. Astra Mk 5 engine ticking/rattle (Z16XEP)

    Astra H
    Hello, I have recently bought a 54 plate mk 5 Astra H (5 door, 1.6L, SXi) Engine code is Z16XEP Prior to buying there was no noticeable abnormal engine noises (otherwise I’d have walked away) However, There is an audible rattle/tapping sound. I have a feeling it’s always been like this and I...
  4. Swirl Flap Info & Help!

    North West
    I recently posted a thread about my swirl flap's and got some brilliant information and help. But I am still slightly i need of some help as I am tight for cash at the moment... Ill describe in as much detail as I can with the info I know and see if you can help.. So from what I know the...
  5. Swirl Flap Information!!!

    5 Door
    Hello, My first post to the network has to be about the dreaded Swirl Flaps Code P110963. I am new to Vauxhall in general, Only ever owned 2 x Austin minis before this, prompted to buy a diesel for motorway miles. Anyway to the point, I was coming home from picking the girlfriend up from work...
  6. Help!! need inlet manifold replaced (Glasgow)

    Astra H
    Hi guys, the old swirl flaps are away on my astra h 1.9 cdti (Z19DTH) :confused: and as the actuator is still working, I bought a new inlet mainfold and gasket and was due to get it fitted by a friend on Friday. We were informed by another friend that we could get away with not removing the hp...
  7. Astra H Nightmare, Any idea's?

    Astra H
    Really starting to regret buying my 1.9 CDTI (150), so far in 6 months, alternators gone, clutch slave cylinder and now EML is back on, i've tried replacing the EGR valve which was advised but now it is bringing up P1125-61 Throttle Actuator Malfunction, any idea's what this is after the EGR i...
  8. 1.9 CDTI swirl flap rod come off

    Astra H
    Hi guys, looking for abit of advice, got my astra 1.9 cdti 06 plate with 50k only 2 weeks ago and today i was going to clean the EGR and noticed that the swirl rod looked abit squiffed so i literally touched it and it fell out of its pivot holes. I tried starting the car and it would judder...