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  1. Astra H
    So I finally decided to get something better than the horrid cd30 in my 05, went to setup via the spare wire by the cigarette lighter but mine seems to be dead. Any alternative wires people know that will do the job? Not too technical personally.
  2. Astra J/GTC
    TL;DR at the bottom. I had a scary experience a couple of nights ago. Pulled-up on my drive at about 2330hrs, switched-off the engine, but the key would come out of the ignition (and therefore the electrics were still running). I started the engine again, thinking it was just a weird 'one-off'...
  3. Astra J/GTC
    Hello all, You may have seen my recent post regarding my astra j 1.6 hesitation uphill. My question is whos had Coilpack failure and what was your symptoms? Any codes showing? Mileage etc. Im thinking my issue is coilpack but no codes showing so just gathering information before forking...
  4. Astra H
    Hello all, I'm looking for a little advice on supplying power to my 12v devices. I have two Nextbase Dash Cams which require a switched ignition connection. I also have a Reversing Camera which again requires a switched ignition connection. I have a 1.4 Astra Life 2007 model with Type A...
  5. Astra G
    Recently replaced a burnt out starter motor in my Astravan and heard it's best to replace the ignition switch as well. I've pulled out the original ignition switch but the grey part (in photo) stayed in and I can't figure how to get it out. I've put a...
  6. Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Astra H Issue - SHOULD I GO TO MAIN DEALER? Hi guys, I know i'm in the right part of the internet, if anyone can help with an Astra issue its this community... I started a few weeks ago experiencing issues with my car when I started up. Most of the time my car would start up fine, but...
1-6 of 7 Results