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  1. High output alternator for car audio

    Astra H
    Is there anyone one here that has installed a 2,000 watt> stereo system and managed to either find a high output alt or a mounting kit to add a secondary alt. On my old Astra G van I was able to upgrade from I think it was either a 90 or 100 amp to a 140 and that did the trick but I've got a...
  2. Replacing Astra J Speakers

    ICE & Electrics
    Hi :) I want to replace the bobbins standard Vauxhall speakers in my Astra J but all the online how to posts most of the images have since been deleted/old posts. How easy is it to replace all 6 speakers (is it an afternoon job for example) I'm looking at upgrading them to the Focal kit...
  3. Dashboard SMD Conversion - Advice please!

    ICE & Electrics
    Hello everyone! Just joined the forum so this is my first post! I have an Astra H 1.4 SRi, and yes I do regret not going for a bigger engine, however I love it so please dont bully! I only intend on keeping the car for another year or two so I'm not going crazy with the mods. I'm interested...
  4. Bass Face Sub woofer 1300 RMS

    Astra H
    I want to get a quick fix of bass, if its good i will keep it for long term, I have read great reviews on this brand and this particular product, anyone here have any experience with these?? This sounds very ideal... only £124...
  5. Technical question - Taking feed from courtesy light CIRCUIT DIAGRAM

    Astra H
    Hi guys, need a bit of technical help. I want to be able to have my LED array foot well lights activated by unlocking / unlocking car as well as opening the door, which is pretty simple. I ALSO want the option of turning them on while driving around from a switch along with other elements in my...
  6. What Temperature Gauge / Display Do You Use?

    Astra H
    Hi guys. Ive owned two Astra H's now, and its always bugged me that they are not equipped as standard with a temperature gauge. It seems more important to me then the rev counter as an overheating engine on a motorway journey is a recipe for disaster. I cooked the engine on the M5 a few weeks...
  7. 2005 Astra New Radio - what should I get

    ICE & Electrics
    Hi, I recently swapped my MK4 for a MK5. So far so good, although I really miss my MK4. The only thing thats really annoying me is the radio. It has CD player and radio only and I would like to have bluetooth, aux, usb etc. Few things I was wondering: Its a double slot - any issues with this...
  8. Wiring Loom / Harness replacement - Mk4 SRI

    ICE & Electrics
    Hi, a couple of months ago I posted in here because I had a mini electrical fire behind my dash in my astra. Car info: 1.8 SRI, 2002, mk4 I had it taken to a garage but they couldnt tell me much, they just said its not worth repairing - which is probably true, but I have a spare car and am in...
  9. Astra 1.7CDTI SXi 5dr CDC40 Opera help....

    ICE & Electrics
    So I've bought an Astra 1.7 CDTI SXi (pick it up this week) and it has the cd player in it is the CDC40 Opera.... I would like to have an AUX input, I got told it came with one, but online forums seem to say that it doesn't, so my first question is can an AUX input be fitted to it, and second...
  10. iPod for an Eonon

    ICE & Electrics
    Firstly apologies if this has been asked before or if it sounds weird. I'm getting an Eonon really soon and plan to hook up an iPod to it to give me a large library of songs to pick from. I think I saw on here some time ago that someone had wired one up to sit under the handbrake in a custom...
  11. CD Player Problems - Removing 2 CD's (thanks to the Mrs)

    Astra H
    Hi, My GF recently decided to put 2 CD's in to my Standard Cd player (MK 5 Astra). Pressed the eject button, and nothing seems to be happening, just a noise where the CD cannot be selected to eject. Any ideas how to remove these? Does the centre console need to be completely removed? Any...
  12. Fitted aftermarket headunit

    Astra J/GTC
    I've successfully fitted a chinees head unit Before After If anyone wants more infi I'll post some more Pictures and maybe a video
  13. [Looking for info] Double DIN on Zaf A?

    ICE & Electrics
    Anybody managed to do it? any info is highly appreciated Wonder if I could plant a Galaxy tab on the dash console, but no idea where to start yet :)