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  1. Headlight screws + bumper/wheel arch screws

    Astra H
    Hello, I'm sorry if this has already been covered but can anyone help me in regards to part numbers and/or where to buy new headlight screws (I think they're 8mm socket) and also the T20 torx screws which are in the wheel arch and screw into the bumpers. Cheers.
  2. LED Lights

    Astra H
    Morning! I've not long got a new 1.6L Astra Design 16V, 105bhp and want to switch out and play with the headlights. I'd like to get brand new stock ones as they look alright but mine are hazy and blurred, I was wondering if I can swap the current halogen bulbs for LED ones for a nicer light...
  3. Headlights turned on and off while turning car

    Astra H
    05 plate Astra H, was coming home last night from work, as I turned into my drive the headlights turned off and back on within a split second, happened again as I reversed out. Both times seemly happening when turning. Any clues on how to fix? Has a new battery and new alternator (both done...
  4. Dipped Beam both lights not working - Bulbs ok

    Astra H
    Hi there, I had a dipped beam bulb go a few months ago which I replaced and had a few issues getting a good connection to get a replacement working again but got it working eventually. I've now had both dipped beams stop working and when I removed the bulbs to check if the filament had gone it...
  5. Headlight did not worked, changed bulb still nothing!

    Astra H
    hi, Im new to this forum and new to cars in general. yesterday I notice that my car passeger side headlight is not flashing.. I asked greenflag to come and change bulb for me (yes I did! shows how little I know about cars :) ) dude came over changed bulb, but headlights still arent working. I...
  6. Question about centre caps... and headlight restoration...?

    Astra H
    Hello all, I've had my alloy wheels refurbished and to my disappointment I've been told they can't do the centre caps because they are made of plastic... So I've found them on eBay but they're £50+ for 4 little bits of plastic... I was wondering if anyone knows anywhere they can be refurbished...
  7. LED headlight / DRL advice

    Astra H
    Looking at the led headlights available on ebay which would look better on a red astra? Black or chrome? Anyone got photos?
  8. headlight problems

    Astra H
    about a year ago i fitted HID's tomy car, about 5 months ago i kept having problems with the passenger side bulb not turning on. if i turned theheadlights off and on again it would come back on. After a while it got worse and i had to turn the headlights on and off maybe 10 times for it to work...
  9. Non directional xenons

    Astra H
    Found these non directional xenons online LINKY Now I rang them up and found out they were not Hella or FK but Depo. So I went round to have a look at the actual item. The question is, are Depo still a half decent brand and at £110 each are they fit for task? If they are good I've also asked...
  10. Restoring Headlights on Astra H.

    Body Repairs
    My headlights are not looking their best and are developing that crapped up hazy/scratched lacquer look on the tops of the headlight units. :( I have spent a hour or so looking at google trying to find results and it has lead me to several different "Headlight Restoring Kits" one being...