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gear stick

  1. Greetings & Gear stick movement issue different reason to the usual!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, Have owned my Astra J 1.7CDTI since Aug 2014 and this year I decided that I'm not planning to re sell it and hence to start servicing it myself. So far, I've done my oil, and filters (fuel, air and oil) change, changed my glow plugs, and changed my camshaft sensor, using youtube and...
  2. Clutch or Gearing issues, help appreciated!

    Astra H
    Good evening folks (Y) I wanted to check with you guys the problems I've been having over last 2 days: - gear stick very hard to put into any gears (1-5) - experiencing a lot of resistance and clunking noise when it does eventually go into gear - severe grinding/crunching noise when putting...