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  1. Breather box in drivers wing fuel system?

    Astra H
    Performing an engine swap, pulled the engine, found a box which looks like a breather inside the drivers wing. It has 1 pipe going to the filler neck and the other going to the back of the engine. Is it needed? or can I replace it with something a little nicer?
  2. Astra H 1.7 poor initial starting.

    Astra H
    Hi people. just wandering if anyone has any ideas on what’s wrong with my Astra. It’s 1.7 diesel on a 57. on initial start it take about 5-7 cranks to get started, then will be fine until left for a few hours. It’s not putting any codes in, it seems to loose rail pressure as soon as you key...
  3. Intermittent problem - Fuel related?

    Astra H
    I have a 59 plate Astra Mk V Estate 1.7 CDTi. A couple of mornings recently I've started the car and the idling sound has been struggling. When I tried to pull away it would just stall. Eventually the engine would spring to life and work ok. On Monday, it was very unresponsive when pulling...
  4. Archoil Fuel Treatment

    Diesel Tuning
    Ok so in February this year I serviced my car (1.9 cdti 150) and ran through a tin of BG244 as part of the process. Over the course of the tank the engine did seem smoother and I had an a small MPG increase of 2 (37-39) I then did some research on cleaners to run through with every tank in...
  5. 3000rpm Hesitation and Poor Fuel Consumption

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi Guys, Ive bought a 1.6 Astra and regularly have an issue around 3000rpm when the engine seems to hesitate before accelerating again around 3500-4000rpm. Im getting around 33mpg out of the thing as well which is below my expectations - steady driving, some in town Id have thought Id be...
  6. Astra 1.7 CDTI exclusive No MPG info on display??

    Astra J/GTC
    Hello:) got an 11 plate astra j 1.7 cdti and im wondering if i can add MPG instant, average and miles to refuel onto my computer display. I currently have the digital speedo, trip 1 and trip 2 but nothing on mpg. Can this be upgraded somehow so i can see the fuel information? Many thanks!! Phil
  7. ASTRA 55 won't start URGENT

    Astra H
    Hi I have a vauxhall astra 1.9cdti 120 It just cut out yesterday morning thought it was lack of diesel but put plenty in and just won't fire so had diagnostics check and coming up with no faults, changed fuel filter and no change, changed crankshaft sensor no change, checked if the diesel...
  8. Astar 2.0 fuel pump problems

    Astra Chat
    Hi folks, i was recently given an immaculate 1998 2.0 Astra Diesel Di. Only problem was, it wouldnt start. It turns over fine but just wont fire. I´consider myself a very competant mechanic and after pulling off the injectors i found almost no presssure!!! alarm bells rang and thought the pump...
  9. Problems on my G

    Astra G
    Hi there, I recently purchased an astra G 1.6 51 plate (the z16xe engine) and it is REALLY sluggish, It takes over 23 seconds to get to 60 and there can be a random loss of power when pulling away! This can be quite scary when a lorry is coming! Anyway I hooked it up to a friends opcom, it...
  10. starting problems 1.7CDTI

    Astra H
    Hi there, first post and not very technical so bare with me. lol Broke down a few weeks ago, turned out that my EGR valve was full of crap. So had it cleaned and everything was fine.... until a week later, i was on my day off and running about doing a few jobs and a few miles in the process...