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  1. Fault code P0180-07

    Astra H
    Anyone able to help with fault code P0180-07 Fuel temperature sensor circuit high input. Engine z19dth, 150 sri 2008. No light on dash but shows when plugged into opcom cleared a few times now but keeps popping up. Is the temperature sensor within the intank fuel sender unit? Also what symptoms...
  2. Fault code P1403 and P0115 - How do I fix them?

    Astra G
    P1403, No 5V to EGR sensor. P0115 Engine Coolant temp circuit. How to I find and fix those problems? What parts do I need to replace? Astra 2002 Convertible Z16XE engine
  3. Astra H fault code help

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi, I’m wondering if any of you could help me as I’m having some problems with fault codes. It’s on an Astra H mk5 1.4 petrol 2009. A couple of months ago I had the following fault codes come up. I also noticed the car started struggling for power when at 70 mph on the motorway then suddenly...
  4. astra sri 19.cdti fault code ecn 010008

    Astra H
    Hello im a new astra owner bought my sri a couple of months ago, I havent had the car long and its throwing up this fault code. how do I know the maf is definitely no good, as £100 for a new one is quite expensive and don't want to spend that much if there I a way to fix or a way to definitely...
  5. ECN 056003? "System Voltage Malfunction"?

    Astra H
    Hello all, today I noticed my car had the spanner light on so I did the pedal test, and it comes up with fault code 056003. Done a little bit of digging on Google and whatnot but I can't find exactly what it is, a lot of people saying something to do with the alternator, and people have been...
  6. List of pedal test fault codes...

    Astra H
    Morning all, is there a list of all fault codes from the pedal test available anywhere online? I have the following from a pedal test this morning but cannot find out what any of them are : 007071 210870 05007E 05007F 065074 038008 It's from a 2009 Astravan 1.7CDTi with about 140k. Spanner...
  7. P2279 wont go away!!

    Astra H
    Thanks everyone it's sorted!
  8. Pedal Test ECN 218217 fault "engine coolant sensor"

    Astra H
    :cool: I have a 2008 Astra Mk5 3(H) 3dr 1.6 Sxi I got the fault code ECN 218217 when I did the pedal test. I took it to a mechanic his diagnostics gave the same fault code which is the "engine coolant sensor" so he replaced it and cleared the fault light. Driving to work the following day...
  9. Fault Code Help Please

    Astra H
    My astra 1.7cdti when i first start it when its cold the yellow spanner light stays on for about a minute after all the other lights go off, but it only does it on a cold start, once the cars warm and you turn off and start back up the spanner light goes off with the rest. I've tried the pedal...