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  1. Oil Light On After Recent Oil change

    Astra H
    As above, got the car last month and it was shuddering at low revs, took it to a garage and the rocker cover was broke so they fixed that and obviously got a oil change and filter, that was about 2 weeks ago and now the oil light is on which has me really worried, any ideas? The garage said the...
  2. Cooling fan 2 test fail

    Astra H
    On a mission to get my aircon working this summer, I have fitted a new condenser, gassed the system, but it was still blowing hot. I then realised that testing at standstill that I would have thought the cooling fan would've turned on. After a bit more looking, my front fan was knackered, so now...
  3. Activate interior blower when ignition off

    Astra J/GTC
    Hello all, I'm just wondering if anybody have an idea how to enable interior blower (fan) when the car is idle ? I'm about to install to my Astra J ST a parking heater (webasto) which I can obtain for very good price, the only thing I need to solve is how to enable the fan. The heater have...
  4. Heating Fan working but no air flow through vents

    Astra H
    Hi Although the fan appears to be working there is very little air flow coming through the vents, this is when cold, hot and AC is being attempted. Has anybody any ideas what the cause could be? Thanks in advance
  5. 55 plate Astra, heater/blowers not working

    Astra H
    OK so I've read up on this but I'm still stumped... Heater/blower now no longer works. It used to work on the top setting but now does not work at all. I figured it was the resistor so replaced it but no joy. Tested the fan by connecting it directly to a battery and seems to work fine. Checked...
  6. ASTRA H CDTI: Central console, rear and front dehumidifier, fans not working.

    Astra H
    So the issue started with my AC not working due to the heater blower resister melting. The AC has been disconnected. A couple of months later the central console along with the control knobs that control the fan speed now have no power and does not light up, I do not know if this is related. As...
  7. Help please!! Car won't start anymore

    Astra H
    Hey guys, so basically I own a 57 plate 3dr Vauxhall Astra MK5 model. Now earlier on today, I had been driving about as I normally do for about 10 minutes then I parked up while signing some papers leaving the car on for another 10-15 minutes. Then I'd driven for 3 miles to go and post something...
  8. Cooling fan on permanently

    Astra H
    This issue cropped up recently, just out of the blue. The fan comes on full power as soon as the engine is started, it continues for a while after the engine is switched off. I have checked the coolant and that all seems to be ok and nothing appears to be leaking. I don't get any warning lights...