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  1. Astra H 1.6 2006 Z16XEP Error U2103 / ECN210300

    Astra H
    Hi All, Hoping to get some advice on what could be the issue with my Astra H (manual). A bit of background - i knows it's quite long but please bear with me as some of the information may be relevant to getting the right answer (or you can skip to the end for my question :)): It hadn't been...
  2. ScanMaster-ELM

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Heres a geeky diagnostics question, I know the Astra 2000 G (X16XEL) and quite a few others has got a 16-pin DLC with MULTEC(H)/X16XEL ECU according to ScanMaster ELM v2... It uses the KWP2000 protocol doing a google search on it... ScanMaster ELM v2 says it supports my ECU year and engine...