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  1. Astra G
    Hi! I have a Astra G Bertone cabrio and I wishes to upgrade my X18XE to a Z20LET/LEH/LER which would be preferable and what else should be upgraded to handle the extra power? I already have H&R coilovers and anti roll bar. Hope somebody can give me some pointers? 👻:unsure:
  2. Astra Chat
    Im very interested in anyone who has helpful information regarding swapping my 1.9cdti 120bhp elite 8v to the 2.0 vxr 3 door engine.. I know some but not all of what i need, or how i should do it.. Advice and knowledge needed. I have purchased a 3 door vxr 2.0, it has all the pieces i need as...
  3. Astra H
    I am wondering if the 1.8 vvt head would fit the 2.2 block (I havent much knowledge of the 2.2 engines). My thinking is that combining the bigger displacement will the VVT system I could potentially push more N/A power. I would like to avoid F/I in my hunt for power! Has anyone done anything...
  4. Astra H
    Hi guys, has anybody ever swapped a 1.4L engine with a 1.6L or maybe a 1.8L engine. I got a 2008 Astra Petrol with super body but the engine is giving up as it has 170k miles on it now. So I was looking for an engine swap but also want more power. Can anyone please help me out?
  5. Astra H
    Hi all, new to this, I've just bought an Astra H Vxr as a donor car with the intentions of putting the engine and gearbox into my project classic car. The project car is an 80s hot hatch with a lousy engine and the bare basic electrics. I got the Astra quite cheap and want to swap the engine and...
  6. Performance Tuning & Modifying
    Hi I was just wondering if the wiring and everything would be in my Z16XER astra h to be able to put a z16let in it (I believe these are from the corsa vxr and they did some 1.6 turbo Astra h?) in pictures I've seen the Ecu etc Look pretty similar and engine looks the same just with a turbo...
  7. Performance Tuning & Modifying
    Hi all I was wondering if anyone has ever done an engine swap from a 1.6 (Z16XER) to a 2.0 vxr engine (Z20LEH)? Or put a vxr engine in any mk5 Astra? Im interested in exactly what is needed to do the swap, obviously engine, gearbox, brakes, Ecu, exhaust etc. But what else (wiring etc) and how...
  8. Vans
    A quick introduction, I'm 18 working at a technician in a Vauxhall dealership on the south coast. I've been driving my Astra H 3 door z16XER Design sport for over a year now and frankly already got board of it! So I've purchased this 1.9cdti (19dt) sportif for £800 Time for opinions, I hate...
1-8 of 8 Results