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  1. Car not starting after battery change

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi guys, I just changed the battery in my Astra J, now it refuses to start. It shows a code 68 and won't turn over, also the boot remains locked after locking/unlocking with the key fob. I did disconnect more wires than was necessary as the bracket seemed stuck in place and I thought it better...
  2. Astra 1.7Cdti non start / intermittent start and stall HELP!

    Hi all I have a 55 plate astra van 1.7Cdti. Had fault code a few weeks back, P0105 so changed Map Sensor. Made no difference. Got harder to start. Then got fault code for crankshaft sensor, changed that and the fault cleared, but still had P0105. Still being really difficult to start. Cleaned...
  3. Speaker issue / One speaker dies

    Astra H
    Hi All, So A while ago I replaced my front door speakers in my car with some Focals. ever since i done this ever now and again its totally random the passenger side speaker just cuts out and stops working. i noticed aswell om my stereo it says ipd (Ipod failure) but this morning for the first...
  4. electrical parking brake fault

    Astra J/GTC
    Hello, i recently purchased a 60 plate 1.3 exclusiv Astra, and although i am reasonable pleased with the car i have a strange issue with the electrical parking brake. When i test drove the car it had this message but the dealer intended to service the car before i picked it up on Saturday, which...
  5. Help! Fog light bulbs.

    Astra H
    Hey guys, Me again, stuck with bulbs! I've got LED sidelights and white xenon style dipped headlights so wanted to get white fog light bulbs... I purchased some LED bulbs from eBay (first mistake) The fitment is H3, one of the lads at work said he knew what he was doing so I let him try...
  6. Bluetooth

    Astra H
    Just bought a used 06 mk5 astra breeze, when i test drove it it had a car kit fitted with a cradle and hookup for some old nokia, it also had a mic coming through the dash behind the headlight controls. I asked the guy to remove the car kit before i bought the car (which he has done). However i...
  7. Am I going crazy? (Electrical mare's!)

    ICE & Electrics
    So, i finally got around to fitting my Hands free kit (sony HCB-700) into my MK5 Astra. I used these two wiring harnesses; +...
  8. Which Wiring harness?

    ICE & Electrics
    Hi guys, I am hoping to install a Sony HCB-700 hands free kit to my 2008 Astra next week, although have been advised to buy a wiring harness.. What is the benefit of using this harness, and which harness will I need? Also, if anybody has any hints or tips for installing this handsfree kit, I...
  9. Electrics Help! Please!

    Performance Tuning & Modifying
    So, I just bought a new Astra '08 5 dr elite.. I love it! I wanted to fit a hands free kit, and a iPhone charger/dock. I wanted to hide the cables, so it all looks neat.. Tonight I took apart the dash, and cut the 2 wires going to the 12v cigarette socket. I added then added a junction box to...