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electrical fault

  1. Engine cutting out until warmed up (Possible CAN fault)

    Astra H
    Hi all, Vehicle: Vauxhall Astra 1.9 SRi CDTi 2009 3dr 150HP The problem: When the car is cold (cold weather and cold engine) and I start it, it runs fine for a few seconds then cuts out. It doesn't judder then cut out, it just simply cuts out. If I apply the accelerator above 2k revs, then...
  2. Fault code P1403 and P0115 - How do I fix them?

    Astra G
    P1403, No 5V to EGR sensor. P0115 Engine Coolant temp circuit. How to I find and fix those problems? What parts do I need to replace? Astra 2002 Convertible Z16XE engine
  3. Speaker issue / One speaker dies

    Astra H
    Hi All, So A while ago I replaced my front door speakers in my car with some Focals. ever since i done this ever now and again its totally random the passenger side speaker just cuts out and stops working. i noticed aswell om my stereo it says ipd (Ipod failure) but this morning for the first...
  4. [HELP] Central Lock Not Working After Speaker Upgrade

    Astra J/GTC
    So last weekend I had rear speakers installed in my 2010 2.0 cdti (cd300 with only front speakers), and then my central lock stopped working (I don't know if it stopped working immediately because I usually walk away while I lock the car). I can't say for sure this is related. The symptoms...
  5. Engine cutting out is intermittant problem

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi, I have 58 plate petrol astra, has broken down 3 times in last month. Engine cuts out and will not start. Service light, battery and engine lights come on. Diagnosis shows either nothing, fault code for cam shaft sensor, or number of unrelated faults. When faults are cleared car will...