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  1. Astra H rear interior light doesn't turn off with all doors closed

    Astra H
    The car had an accident and the ECU is still the same. The rear interior light is always on. I have to turn the actual switch off to turn it off. When the switch is in the normal position, the light simply stays on, regardless of the doors. The dashboard red light which indicates an open door...
  2. When it rains, some of the rain drops onto the speaker grill area?

    Astra H
    I always thought the car doors were designed in a way to prevent water drops from getting near into the speaker area when you open the car door since that is electric which can cause the speakers not to work.Today when it was raining quite heavy I noticed that some of speaker grill area had rain...
  3. Another screenwash pump problem

    Astra G
    I'd be really grateful for some help. I have an 05 Twinport 1.6 Astra and my washer pump doesn't work. The manual doesn't identify a fuse but I removed the pump and did a volt check on the plug while a mate operated the lever, and my meter showed power. I only get home weekends so I'd already...
  4. Who can find me a good female?

    Astra H
    :love: One lonely male connector seeking female companionship :love: :kiss: Now.. I've got everyone's attention. Who please please please could find me the FEMALE part no or part that will attach to this for this! This is vx part no.93187168 but unfortunately I haven't got a very keen parts...