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  1. Astra H
    I have got a 08 plate Vauxhall Astra, all windows are electric. Only 2 / 4 windows work (FL & RR) using their own switches. Driver control can open & close FL window Driver control can also open but not close RR window. Driver control cannot open or close RL or FR windows. Ive reseated both...
  2. Astra H
    Hey guys! Pretty new here but this site has helped a lot. Have a few issues with my Vauxhall Astra 2009. I’m having issues with my electric driver side window buttons. The panel has lights and works okay with the mirror buttons. I can just about use the button to put down the passenger window...
  3. Astra H
    I need some help I have a Vauxhall Astra SRI 1.8 vvt I I am trying to convert my rear windows to electric I have put the drivers door loom and switch. I have put the rear window motors and regulators and the wiring looms and door cards. I also put the 25amp fuse in the Rec and still not working...
  4. Astra H Anyone had this problem and knows the cause ? Any prices on how much it costs? Thanks
1-4 of 5 Results