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  1. Astra G 1.4 16v lumps and shakes

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi all, sorry if this is not the right thread but I'm new here so... ^^ About a year ago I bought myself an Astra G 1.4 16v from 1999, the car has now 270k km, some time ago the car started to shake in low speeds, 20 30khms, after that the engine light went on and the fault code was related to...
  2. MAPPING Issue 19CDTI Sri 150 XP

    Astra H
    Hi all had my car mapped, performance all good my issue is I had the egr and swirl flaps deleted,I have blanked egr and swirl flaps removed/welded. I am getting car with spanner light on dash when they are both unplugged and peddle test shows 0400 egr fault and 1109 and 1110 both swirl flap...
  3. Blanking EGR on Astra H 1.4 Z14XEP

    Astra H
    Hello Everyone, Couple of weeks ago I had a problem with my EGR which caused my car to idle very rough. I scanned it and it was the EGR. The car has been running fine since then with no EML after I cleared the codes but wanted to blank it off. I already have a blanking plate to fit but wanted...
  4. Limp mode error codes - Turbo Overboost / DPR / EGR / Glow Plug - Help!

    Astra J/GTC
    I have an A20DTH 2.0 CDTI 2011 Astra J, which has gone into limp mode a couple of times over the last couple of weeks. I took into Vauxhall this week for a diagnostic @ an eye watering £89. The result being a bunch of error codes: P023411 - Turbo Over Boost P008751 - Low Fuel Pressure P086B01...
  5. Fault code P1403 and P0115 - How do I fix them?

    Astra G
    P1403, No 5V to EGR sensor. P0115 Engine Coolant temp circuit. How to I find and fix those problems? What parts do I need to replace? Astra 2002 Convertible Z16XE engine
  6. 1.9 cdti limp mode when reving past 3k

    Astra H
    HI i have a 2006 astra h 1.9 cdti 150 ps,well i keep getting limp mode when i am accelorating hard for example going onto the motorway,in first and second i can rev all the way without it happening but 3rd gear it cuts power,and also gives me the spanner with rev limiter at exactly 4k then 4th...
  7. EGR blanking problem.

    Astra G
    Z16XE, 02 I bought an EGR blanking plate but it won't fit due to the round valve part protruding about 4mm. its the type with no holes. Am I doing something wrong? I cut a thin Ally plate with a hole for the round valve but not the A shaped hole, and I've fitted this instead for now - will it...
  8. A couple more questions chaps...

    Astra G
    I cleaned the TB and EGR today, and noticed this threaded spigot - can anyone tell me if there should be anything attached there? (Sorry, cant attach the pic - and its somehow upside down) Also, I'm looking for a towbar... Its an 02...
  9. Yet Another Newbie, Manchester, Astra H / MK5

    New Member Introductions
    Well Yet Another Newbie Post, but figured I should say Hello. I never know what to say on these things. It may end up rambley. I'm Steve, based in South Manchester. I'm too old to finally be getting around to driving these new fangled contrapations (37). Not passed the practical test yet, I...
  10. Help!! Zafira not starting!!!

    Zafira/Zafira Tourer
    Hi. My 2004 Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 DTI is not starting. I cleaned up the egr valve then cleaned up the throttle body. I used WD40 and a vacuum cleaner to clean the gunk out. After putting everything back together, the car would not start. Any ideas? Air lock? Please help. Thanks Jamie Maik
  11. 1.9cdti SRI 150 XP wont start plus error P1109 Help!!

    Astra H
    Hi All, please help my 2005/55 plate 1.9 CDTI SRI 150 XP Astra is playing up. It wont start in the mornings without hooking the battery up to a donor battery. seems to be ok when driven during the day but if left for about 9 hours it wont start on its own. had engine warning light and Service...
  12. OBD diag for DPF regen

    Astra J/GTC
    Hello fellow Astra owners, have any one of you successfully found and OBD bluetooth diag (or any other diag with reasonable price) which can show DPF temperature, EGR and EGT , and maybe cat temperature (obviously to see DPF regen happening) for Astra's 1.6 CDTI (B16DTH) ? I have already bought...
  13. EGR Valve 2.0 cdti

    Astra J/GTC
    Hey, Anyone have a tutorial on how to remove and clean an egr valve on a 2.0 cdti? Or a price for a garage to clean it and a price for a new one fitted? Thanks Tonto
  14. Loss of Power - 1.3CDTI

    Hi Another question, Having an issue with my mk5 Astra its 1.3CDTI and goes really well however has an intermittent fault where I lose power, Seems to be the turbo the service light flashes on then off, the only way to get power back is to turn the ignition off/on. From what I've read it could...
  15. Engine Light EGR Blanking plate fitted.

    Astra G
    I have Not long bought an astra G. 2002 1.6 SXI. The engine light came on about 300 miles ago so i took it to a garage and had them plug a diagnostic tool in. It came up with a fault on the EGR valve. I had a poke about and found a blanking plate had been fitted but the EGR is still there and...
  16. oil catch can or vent to atmosphere astra j

    Astra J/GTC
    hey, so basicly i have an astra j that breathes heavy, this is causing excessive oil in my intake, so i want to add a oil catch can or vent to atmosphere pipe, what to you think is better? also im thinking of blocking my egr valve with a plate but with a small hole so i dont get an error...
  17. P2279 wont go away!!

    Astra H
    Thanks everyone it's sorted!
  18. The dreaded P2279 Fault Code

    Astra H
    H Guys, I've recently got the P2279 Intake Air System Leak fault code on my 1.9CDTI 150 Astra. I've searched the forums and various other sites and come across the below steps to take in resolving this problem: Clean EGR and Manifold + Confirm EGR is working with 12V (confirmed) Confirm...
  19. EGR oily soot

    Astra H
    Hi people, I'm a bit of a novice with this stuff so here goes... Around about 6 months ago I cleaned a tonne of soot out from my EGR and then blanked it. The soot was quite dusty and dry. I recently had an error code relating to the EGR and the EML light come on, so thought it would be time...
  20. Astra H Nightmare, Any idea's?

    Astra H
    Really starting to regret buying my 1.9 CDTI (150), so far in 6 months, alternators gone, clutch slave cylinder and now EML is back on, i've tried replacing the EGR valve which was advised but now it is bringing up P1125-61 Throttle Actuator Malfunction, any idea's what this is after the EGR i...