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  1. Astra H 1.7 cdti 110kw Not starting

    Astra H
    Hi Guys Got my water pipes sorted for now. Now having starting issues. If it does turn over its spins up well. Has had new starter as I thought that was the issue. It does do a lot of stop and starting. It will just have a very faint click if not starting. Now it sounds like the relay rather...
  2. Corsa D (2012 1.2 petrol) ECU Issue

    Other Vauxhalls
    6 Months ago we changed the coil pack and spark plugs on my wife's Corsa D (2012 1.2 Petrol). A couple of months ago it decided it wouldn't start, i went out to her and we got it going. She drove it perfectly fine for a couple of weeks before it did the same again. Again we got it going but as a...
  3. Astra 1.6 Design 2006 ECU Issues

    Astra H
    Hi all, Apologies if this thread already exists but I am having issues searching the forum for specific threads (!). Last week my 1.6 2006 Astra Design cut out suddenly and now does not start (engine turns / clicks when turning ignition but will not start). It is the first time it has cut...
  4. ECU MT35E and MT35E 2.3 - Is it possible to swap?

    Astra H
    Hello, I have Astra H Z16XEP with MT35E (part number 12230740). Is it possible to change it with MT35E 2.3 (part number 55561172)? Both ECUs are from 1.6 Z16XEP but different years. What's the difference between both? Is it possible to swap?
  5. p0130 Oxygen Sensor/Oil in wiring loom - 1.4 16v SXI - Z14XEP

    Astra H
    HAS ANYONE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM I'M HAVING???? I bought this car from a garage just over a years ago. The first time the fault appeared was on the test drive. The garage owner carried out a diagnostic check and found code 0130, so he changed the 02 Sensor, I bought the car and for nearly 2...
  6. Replacement ECU Kit

    Astra H
    Hi folks I'm having a complete nightmare... it seems the ECU has died on my 2008 Astra 1.8 Sri MK5. Was fine one day, then the next I went to start it up, turned key and absolutely nothing. Its been in the garage weeks and they have found that its the ECU that is the problem, no diagnostics...
  7. ECU types

    Astra G
    Hey all, I believe I have the dreaded ECU failure on my Astra G (TS), so I'm need of a changeover. I have a unit (and the transponder etc) coming from a donor car, but my question is; Whats the difference between ecu numbers? Mine has the 09158670 and the donor is a 55351702 Mines a 2002...
  8. Brakes Locking after servo change. ABS ECU fault codes showing (U2139 U2105)

    Astra H
    Hi there, not sure if this is where I should post as I'm totally new (please feel free to point me in a better direction!) but I have a fault with my ABS ECU. Bought an Astra H 1.6 petrol, all seemed well but the brakes were pretty sketchy. Put it in the garage and the servo needed replacing...
  9. VH ECU Update December 2013 on 2.0 CDTi engine leaves revs sticking on changing gear

    Astra J/GTC
    Hi I have a 60 plate ( 2011 registered ) 2.0 CDTi Astra 160Bhp which was running fine until it's 3rd service in December 2013. As part of this service the ECU was updated/remapped by VH. I was told that this was being done to all 2.0 CDTi engines as the original map was causing damage to engine...
  10. Sick Twintop with some fault codes to ponder......

    Astra H
    So here's the history: Last month went to the car.... dead. Called RAC who confirmed was dead - they replaced it..... Engine started but NO power steering.... Vauxhall dealer quoted £900 for new alternator ... as this WAS the cause. Took it elsewhere alternator changed - still n power steering...
  11. Astra G mk4 1.7 dti ecu wiring diagram/pin out Please:)

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi guys and girls Does anyone have or would anyone be able to get me a copy or scan of the 1.7 dti ecu wiring diagram or pin out even a list of the PIN numbers and what they are connected to. (it's the Isuzu engine with the ecu on top of the engine) The main pins that I will need are Map Maf...
  12. astra g 1.7dti ECU Help

    Astra G
    Hi. I drove through a puddle and my engine on my 1.7dti dropped to 1500 rpm I used my cheap ecu reader and has code 1120. I changed throttle pedal as code was 1120 but did not work. So I disconnected the battery then unplugged the ecu and when I did the socket had a puddle in it. 4 pins were...
  13. ECU or fuel problem?

    Astra H
    Hi Guys, Hopefully I have posted in the correct forum this time :-) I've been reading numerous posts and threads in this forum and others, but have yet to nail down an answer to my Astra's starting/cutting out problem. I have an 05 Astra 1.7 CDTI 100 (I believe that means the engine is a...
  14. Hi - advice needed! Astra SRi CDTi 120

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all - just recently got Astra SRi CDTi 120 and am looking for advice as to what upgrades/improvements you would recommend. I know the car will need a back box fitting soon, so wasn't sure if to get a sports back box, or full exhaust system - is it worth it? What costs/improvements would I...
  15. Best place for ECU repair

    Astra G
    hi, I have a 2001 Astra G 1.6 with an earth fault on the fuel pump relay when it gets warm, so I'm looking for a decent ECU repair company. I am in the north west but will post it anywhere as long as they are good, thanks.
  16. Difference between Cooling Modules

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Guys, Whats the difference between the CG and WG modules? I assume the WG includes an A/C relay? Have they both got the same terminal layout? Cheers in advance... :thumbs:
  17. ScanMaster-ELM

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Heres a geeky diagnostics question, I know the Astra 2000 G (X16XEL) and quite a few others has got a 16-pin DLC with MULTEC(H)/X16XEL ECU according to ScanMaster ELM v2... It uses the KWP2000 protocol doing a google search on it... ScanMaster ELM v2 says it supports my ECU year and engine...