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  1. 1.7 dti mk4 van dpf delete now runs like ***** ??

    Diesel Tuning
    hi i have recently deleted the egr and put a cone filter on my 1.7 dti astra van and it was running fine then today i did the dpf/cat delete and it runs like **** is this because of the dpf delete or something else ? does the dpf have to be mapped out ? and it is throwing no check engine lights...
  2. 1.7 dti rough starter

    Astra G
    Hi guys. Long time lurker but just registered. I've got a 1.7 dti that wouldn't start, after much reading I reckoned it would be the EDU, just changed that now but I still have to prime by switching on and off before it will turn over. Did I waste £125? Could it be the pump itself? I need the...
  3. Astra G mk4 1.7 dti ecu wiring diagram/pin out Please:)

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Hi guys and girls Does anyone have or would anyone be able to get me a copy or scan of the 1.7 dti ecu wiring diagram or pin out even a list of the PIN numbers and what they are connected to. (it's the Isuzu engine with the ecu on top of the engine) The main pins that I will need are Map Maf...
  4. mk5 cdti intercooler on a dti mk4?

    Diesel Tuning
    Hi i have looked and cant find anythin that helps. i have a 1.7 dti. these have pure poo side mounts intercoolers. I am looking at a cheapish upgrade. I am considering trying a cdti intercooler but advice or measurements would be helpful. from doing alot of looking and not finding much i think...
  5. 1.7 dti mods?

    Astra Chat
    hi guys, i need help with my astra g 1.7 dti. Anybody know any cheap easy mods for this model (y17dt) its completely standard atm im thinking about blanking my egr to start :D
  6. egr valve location??

    Astra G
    Hi there, very noobie question most likely, but could somebody please tell me how to blank off my egr valve on my 04 plate y17dti?? A step by step guide e.g. location of the valve and the best way to do it, would be most appreciated as i cant find a guide anywhere on tinternet!! helpp meeeee