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  1. Astra G
    Yes it has a throttle cable. But I still want to retro fit cruise control. Is there a guide? How hard can it be? What parts do I need? It's a w reg 1.6 16v club by the way. Manual gearbox.
  2. Astra G
    Hi, first time posting on this forum, but I reckon my chances are best for actually getting clues. Also, I don't live in the UK but I'm sure that won't be an issue. Anyway, back on topic. I have a 2002 Astra G with Y20DTH engine. According to my OPCOM clutch and brake pedal switches required...
  3. Astra H
    Hi all, I know this is a tired subject now but I can't seem to find the right resources. Can anyone tell me if the switch shown in the photo, which is taped up in the wiring behind the instrument dials is the one which plugs into the clutch switch...
  4. Astra H
    Hi Guys. I wonder if ye might be aware of somebody in Ireland (North or South) who retrofits cruise control into my 1.4 petrol? I believe the clutch wires etc need to be added and also I don't fancy bricking my car with no knowledge of opcom. cheers :)
  5. Astra H
    I have been reading posts on here about retro fitting a sports button and cruise control system on SXI Mk5's. I have a 1.6 5 door SXI, which is belive is compatable for the retro fit systems, after installing the bits and turning the systems on using tech 2. If I buy a new switch panel with the...
  6. Yorkshire
    Hi, I'm looking for someone to tech 2 some various bits and pieces into my 1.4 Astra SXi 3dr, can anyone recommend anyone ? Thanks
  7. Astra H
    Hello all, as I get really bored on motorways...does anyone know of either a garage or someone useful that could retrofit cruise-control on my 2010 Astra H. I don't mind travelling (I could use the cruise-control on the way back :lol:). Also does anyone know the maximum cost? Thanks
  8. Astra H
    hi there :wave: I'm a new member here from Australia and I'm having an interesting issue with my 05 1.8ltr Manual AH Astra. The check engine light has come on a few times. 1. Driving without cruise control on at 50kph in the main street of town Took to Holden dealer found a code for the...
  9. Parts For Sale - No Gauging Interest Threads
    Morning, PX'ing my car shortly so starting to remove some of the additional bits. I retrofitted Cruise Control about 30,000 ago and it's been used daily without fail - love it. Mine is an SRi CDTi 150 but I'm guessing this would fit on a variety of models providing you have the clutch switch...
  10. Vans
    Hi Guys, this is a second account as the first one which was FB linked kept logging out every time i looked at a different page :@:@:@!! was wondering if anyone in the Sheffield/Rotherham area is able to program the CC for me i have the stalk and from what ive read i should have the clutch...
  11. ICE & Electrics
    Hi, does anybody do or knows somebody that installs cruise control in Manchester or Stockport? There are 3 vehicles that need cruise control installing: An astra 03 1.7 DTI van (stalk is supplied) An astra 56 1.7 CDTI van (stalk is supplied) And an astra 55 1.7 CDTI hatchback (stalk required)...
  12. South West
    Anyone know anywhere/anyone in southwest that do cruise control programming or that do smd dash light conversions?
  13. Astra H
    Im thinking about getting cruise control fitted to my astra H 1.8 SRI. Iv just had a quote from thurlby motors at £100 fitted. i also wanted an aux point because i thought if i was having tech two fitted i may aswell go the full hog. they said i couldn't have an aux point fitted because of my cd...
1-13 of 13 Results