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  1. Astra J/GTC
    I am a fool. I was crossing a very narrow bridge and misjudged it and hit a metal bollard! I have Astra J. The plastic part which clips underneath the bumper has come lose and the lower centre grill is damaged. Does anyone know how much it might cost to get this repaired? From pictures...
  2. Astra J/GTC
    Hi , I'm from Brisbane Australia and back in 2013 I bought the Opel Astra OPC brand new. The only year it was sold here under the Opel brand. There are very few performance Astra's in this country. In fact, I've never seen another Opel OPC Astra in the six years I've owned mine. Because of...
  3. Astra H
    Hello, My car failed its MOT yesterday for a broken rear coil spring from driver side and I was quoted for £115 which includes part and labour. I want to know if this is reasonable or have I been ripped off. The mechanic said it was common for Vauxhall to go for this
  4. General Motoring Chat
    It cost me £40-£53 to fill up my astra 1.6 and I usually fill up between 1-2 weeks if I am able to get 2 weeks but I usually do about 100-200miles from travelling back and forth. The petrol price here is 124.7p
1-4 of 4 Results