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  1. Other Vauxhalls
    6 Months ago we changed the coil pack and spark plugs on my wife's Corsa D (2012 1.2 Petrol). A couple of months ago it decided it wouldn't start, i went out to her and we got it going. She drove it perfectly fine for a couple of weeks before it did the same again. Again we got it going but as a...
  2. Other Vauxhalls
    hello all im new to the forum everyone seems friendly and seen some very nice cars ! My names Scott im 20 years old from the Wirral ! I drive a 52 plate Vauxhall corsa 1.2 sxi (which ive owned for a full 2 years now ) Since i was 16 and left school i had always wanted to save up and buy a car...
  3. Astra Chat
    Is the astra 1.6 sxi/sri 16v 115 3rd 04-09 fast acceleration? And would it beat a 57 plate corsa 1.3 tdi in an off the line race?
  4. Styling
    Hi, guys, I'm looking for some photos of Astra F with this alloys -> Have someone tried this combination? I'm about to buy this model rims and I want to see how they stand on an Astra F. Thanks!
  5. Other Vauxhalls
    Hi guys,right as title gfs corsa c has had this problem for last 2 yrs,its had 5 new starters all changed through exchange for new ones, has been ok for last 12 months but started doing again other day,luckily i had a 2nd hand one which i bought from a scrappers that i knew had come...
  6. Your Cars
    Hi everyone, im new here and i just thaught i would show you all my hard work. here is how i brought my 1.0L 12V Then i had a little accident After sorting all the mess i made, i started to modifiy the car slowly but surly ready to be something special .. as you will see later ...
1-6 of 6 Results