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  1. radiator fan kicks in late

    Astra H
    Hi I have an Astra H 2004 Z16XEP and my engine temp goes up to high. When it becomes hot it also starts jumping when accelerating. Driving 120 km/h in 25°C my engine temp goes up to 105°C. I can read this on my display and also from app through OBD (app called MobilScan) When parked engine...
  2. Cooling fan 2 test fail

    Astra H
    On a mission to get my aircon working this summer, I have fitted a new condenser, gassed the system, but it was still blowing hot. I then realised that testing at standstill that I would have thought the cooling fan would've turned on. After a bit more looking, my front fan was knackered, so now...
  3. Astra h 1.4 Pertol Cooling leak

    Astra H
    Hi everyone, today i had a small coolant leak, at first i taught that it was coming from the pipe but then i realised that it is from the the nipple of this part the problem is that this part I don't know what it is and what it does, one of its pipes goes to the cabin heater thats all i know...
  4. Water coolant hose ID please

    Astra H
    Hi, I've got a leaking hose which is leaking coolant everywhere. Definitely coolant as the expansion tank empties after about 10 miles and definitely this pipe cos I can see it spurting out of it. What I want to know is the part number of the pipe if I have to buy it from dealer (or where else)...
  5. Error 0115

    Zafira/Zafira Tourer
    Hi I have problems with my Zafira 1.8 (XER) Easytronic from '07, when I make pedal test I get an error 115 - The temperature of the board computer (test mode) says 73 gr censius - Difficult to start when cold - The cooling fan run continuously I have tried to take both connectors of the...
  6. Cooling fan on permanently

    Astra H
    This issue cropped up recently, just out of the blue. The fan comes on full power as soon as the engine is started, it continues for a while after the engine is switched off. I have checked the coolant and that all seems to be ok and nothing appears to be leaking. I don't get any warning lights...
  7. Difference between Cooling Modules

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Guys, Whats the difference between the CG and WG modules? I assume the WG includes an A/C relay? Have they both got the same terminal layout? Cheers in advance... :thumbs:
  8. ECM --- P1530 A/C Clutch Control Relay

    Astra Technical aka The Workshop
    Astra G Early 2000 X16XEL Manual with A/C --- CG module ECM ScanMaster with an ELM327 Interface (KWP2000 protocol only): Is P1530 A/C Clutch Control Relay likely to be exactly as it describes? (shows it being in/behind the instrument panel? E31.12 in TIS... where is it?) Cleared it a few...