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  1. Astra G
    P1403, No 5V to EGR sensor. P0115 Engine Coolant temp circuit. How to I find and fix those problems? What parts do I need to replace? Astra 2002 Convertible Z16XE engine
  2. Astra J/GTC
    Daughter's car has the common coolant temperature fault. I think it has gone open circuit Looking at the thermostat, I am unsure whether the sensor can be changed. I would rather simply pop a new sensor in if possible. It looks like it does not screw in and I don't want to force it. Original...
  3. Astra J/GTC
    Hi all, I recently got a P0115 code on my Astra which is a coolant temperature sensor one. The car had two sensors one at the radiator and one on the thermostat housing. I decided to change them both as the cost of a sensor is about £8 and wasn't sure how to diagnose them. It left me...
1-3 of 3 Results